This is a guest post by sub2JB.

Most adults over the age of 21 already know that a trip to Las Vegas can yield any number of experiences, mostly depending on what you’re looking for. Las Vegas is one of the few places in the world where you can literally say “anything is possible.” It’s a fun place for singles, couples, and kinky folk who are looking to have a good time.

I had a chance to travel to Las Vegas with my Dom. The trip was interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, it was a vacation for my Dom and a hybrid vacation for me, as I split the time working and vacationing. It was also the first time meeting my online Dom in person. What better place to meet than Las Vegas? I was glad we could go to a place where we didn’t know anyone and we’d have a nice room to return to at night where we didn’t know the people around us.

Since I was working, we had to change hotels a few times, and this is where the fun began. Each hotel had something about it that was perfect for kinky folk. (I’m not going to name hotels in the article, but if you’d like to know the names of the hotels, send me an email)

The first hotel was in the center of the Strip and it featured a mirrored ceiling over the bed and a Jacuzzi tub in the room (by “in the room” I mean literally next to the bed and not in the bathroom…). Yes, people-- mirrored ceilings still exist in Las Vegas! What a great way for us to play while being able to have a unique viewing experience. Neither one of us was keen to try the in-room tub, but I’m sure it could have been fun. Another benefit of the room was the layout. Sir tied me up and led me around the room with a blindfold on, and the ample, uncluttered space made it easy to roam around unhindered. Aside from the unique aspect of having a mirrored ceiling, there were no frills about this room and yet we both look back with fondness at the things we were able to do there.

One thing worth mentioning about staying on the Strip is the abundance of 24-hour drug stores on almost every block. I’ve been going to Las Vegas for about ten years, and in recent years there has been an explosion in the number of drug stores up and down the Strip. On our first night we went to the closest drug store to buy provisions. Even though these stores are on the Strip, the prices are the same as they’d be back home. Not only did we buy water and snacks for after we finished playing, but we also got crucial kinky supplies like hydrogen peroxide to clean toys. There’s no reason to pack these items if you can so easily buy them when you arrive.

The next hotel was actually a resort in Summerlin. While it didn’t have a mirrored ceiling, it was tranquil and offered a bit of a break from the fast pace of the Strip. The peacefulness also afforded us the ability to try different types of restraints and toys when we were both very relaxed. One thing that was nice was the quiet buffet. For those submissives and slaves who serve food to their Dom/mes and Masters, buffets are a great thing. You can offer almost any kind of food for him/her in a matter of moments. Again, if you don’t play outside the bedroom, the Las Vegas buffets are a great way to introduce the D/s dynamic in a rather subtle way; no one will look at you differently for fetching food for your guy/gal. I learned that Sir prefers to sit next to a wall, and I took it upon myself to request appropriate seating when we ate. To the hostess, this was a simple request and nothing more.

The third hotel was located just off the Strip. This Mardi Gras-themed hotel had a lot of things going for it. Not only did it have everything you could possibly want inside without having to go out onto the Strip, but it was also across the street from a Déjà Vu Love Boutique, which made for a great excursion when we needed some supplies. The best thing about this hotel was the headboard in the room, which was made of brass. This style of headboard is very accommodating should you desire to attach ropes or cuffs to it. As a result, Sir was able to get very creative when we played, and I found myself tied up in all different ways. The large couch in the room had wide arms on it so that as I was bent over receiving a spanking, we both could also gaze out onto the lights of the Strip. Since the hotel also offered in-room keno, we invented a new game of chance. The keno board is made of up 80 numbers, with 1-40 on the top half and 41-80 on the bottom half. At the end of each game, if more numbers ended up on the top, then Sir won whatever we wagered, and if more numbers were on the bottom, then Sir won again. Sir always wins. From a submissive’s standpoint, it’s the perfect game.

Our last hotel was back in the center of the Strip and it afforded us a great view. This hotel had two major things going for it: first, the décor was predominantly pink, and second, each room had floor-to-ceiling windows with a full-size ottoman in front of them. Our room was on the sixteenth floor and the view was incredible. One night I was tied up on that ottoman while we were playing, and we’d both pause now and then to comment on the amazing view. We couldn’t help it. It was an amazing place to play. And that we were playing in front of a window added to the level of excitement.

As an aside, by the time we reached the last hotel my work was done. When we checked in, I got into a conversation with the man at the desk and he graciously gave us a room with a better view for no additional fee. Remember that Vegas is the land of “comps,” and if you aren’t offered an upgrade, you can always ask. Sir had a very interesting experience playing blackjack, and at the end of it he was offered a free buffet pass. As Clark Griswold said in Vegas Vacation, “Las Vegas never stops giving.” If they don’t give you things, you can always ask.

While I think you can probably have a wonderfully kinky vacation just about anywhere, Las Vegas has some very important benefits. There are so many people all around you that the sense of anonymity is very liberating. At one point I asked for permission to wear my bedroom/play collar while we went out one night to the Strip, and we both tried to see if anyone noticed. Honestly, no one paid any attention to it. Each morning we’d leave the room and politely nod at people leaving (and sometimes just returning to) their rooms, and since almost everyone has done something all night, there is no embarrassment about noise or strange spanking sounds or muffled moans coming from neighbors’ rooms. Those are all part and parcel of the Las Vegas experience.

I can’t wait to return to Las Vegas with Sir to continue our adventures. Viva Las Vegas!

Have you ever taken your kink on the road? Have you visited Las Vegas or found another great place to get your kink on? Share your story in the comments!

subtoJB is a collared sub belonging to The Dominant Gentleman (who is a writer over at Dominant Guide). You can follow her on Twitter at @pinksubgeek or email her at