This week's video post is about sub space.

When you first heard about sub space it was probably something that you either thought you'd never experienced or something that seemed so strange and foreign that you believed it to be a myth. Then you heard the stories and could swear that people were on drugs or something. I've even heard it referred to as impossible to attain unless you play really hard.

Whatever information you encounter there is only one truth. You can reach sub space and if you have any experience at all, then you probably have and just don't know what it was called. So let's start small.

Have you ever felt a light-headed, almost floaty feeling in the presence of your Dominant? During play have you ever reached a place that feels like pure happiness and submission, where you know you'd do anything? This is likely subspace.

Now I can't say for sure that it was or is because I'm not an expert in seeing euphoria in other people, but trust me. You can reach the elusive sub space. Everyone has their own definition of what subspace is, and how to get there. Since there is such a huge variety of what it is and ways to get there, you can be sure that you can find your way.

During Play

Relax into the sensations. Allow your body to receive the pain or pleasure without any additional response or thoughts on it. Calm your mind. It has been understood that to feel the endorphins take hold you have to open yourself up to them. Let the pain wash over you, or the pleasure fills you overflowing.

Masochists tend to reach sub space a bit easier because they are already intense sensation junkies (you know who you are). Don't think that you have to be a masochist at all to reach sub space! The sense of euphoria can happen at any time.

Outside of Play

You can also experience sub space outside of play. It's commonly felt like a sense of complete devotion and service or slave happiness. When you focus on service and your submission you can reach a sense of pure and primal connection to your Dominant. This connection, this intense focus is sub space. You may appear to have tunnel vision; your Dominant is the only thing you are centering your attention on and time seems to fade away. I've lost many hours this way. In complete service bliss.

My own experience with something as a teenager comes to mind. I was raised Pentecostal. Part of that is going to revivals, stirring up the emotions in hope that the holy spirit would bless you with 'tongues' or other holy fire. During my teen years, I went to many revivals. At several of these, I felt called to the front for prayer and rejoicing. The whole atmosphere is set up to make you feel like something special is going to happen. That happy sense of intimate connection with God and prayer is quite similar to the way I feel during sub space outside of play. My Master is my higher power and his love and devotion often brings me to tears and all choked up in my submission. It's like that tremendous feeling at the revivals. I feel completely connected to him in a powerful way.

How you experience sub space is completely individual. Just like all of the descriptions you've heard you can add yours to the mix. It is a personal connection to your Dominant. It can be very intense or it can leave you feeling like you are glowing with happiness. In any way that you experience it, revel in it.