BDSM can be an expensive hobby or lifestyle. Tools of the trade are rarely cheap and with the many different types, you’ll have a struggle limiting yourself. Many BDSM participants suffer from “gotta have it syndrome.” Luckily some of the most fun and innovative tools are also pervertables that you can find in some unexpected places.

Pervertables are everyday common items that can be used for kinky purposes. Starting to build your toy box can be as simple as rummaging through your kitchen or closet. Here are some ideas for your own toy box.

From the Kitchen:

  • Wooden spoons (with and without slots) - spanking implements
  • Chopsticks - improvised percussion toys
  • Wooden skewers - use rubber bands on the ends and you have nipple clamps, bundle the whole bunch together and you have percussion toys
  • Saran Wrap - for mummification a la "Fried Green Tomatoes"
  • Small cutting boards with handles - paddles
  • Fresh ginger - figging is when fresh peeled ginger is cut like a butt plug and placed in the anus. It is a form of chemical play creating a burning sensation.

From the Bathroom:

  • Hairbrush - spanking or impact play
  • Back brush - spanking or impact play

From the Closet:

  • Clothespins - for the nipples, genitals and other loose flesh areas
  • Belts - improvised bondage or impact play
  • Skirt Hangers - usually have evil clips on them for nipples
  • Broom handles - good for use as a cane or for quick  alteration for spreader bars
  • Rug Beater - intense spanking toy

From the Kids’ Room:

  • Ping pong paddles - instant paddle
  • Jumping rope - bondage
  • Stuffed animals - age play or aftercare
  • Coloring books and crayons - age play

From the Garden Shed:

  • Jute cord - scratchy bondage
  • Rope - more bondage
  • Bamboo Plant poles - structure to tie to for immobility in bondage, spreader bars
  • Sandpaper - sensation play, don't rub too hard!


  • Rubber bands - nipple rings, use with the skewers or launch them at your partner
  • Snake bite kit - suction cups for nipples, clit and other sensitive areas
  • Metal banjo picks - scratching, sensation play
  • Paraffin candles - safest for wax play. Look for the tall glass "saints" candles
  • Over the door chin up bars - can be used for bondage to tie arms above head

UPDATED 3/6/12 - added descriptions of the use for items on the list.

What else would you add to this list?