Novice submissives all over trying to find a Dominant to be with.  I've talked with so many that value some experience in their Dominant choices but what of novice Dominant? Are drive and desire not enough? Are they left to their own devices?

I recommend everyone give a moment to think about the value in a novice Dominant, especially for an experienced submissive.

Novice Dominants have a lot to learn, that is true. And who better to teach them than a submissive that has experienced submission? No, you might be saying. A Dominant needs a Dominant to teach them. Sure, a Dominant can learn a lot from another Dominant, and there's no reason they can't have Dominant guidance as well. But, where is it written that a submissive has nothing to teach a Dominant? I teach my Dominant things all the time.

A novice Dominant needs you to first accept them for who they are - a Dominant learning. Don't treat them as less just because they haven't experience enough to control you in every aspect. We've all got to start somewhere and an experienced submissive may just be the help they need to find their place. OK, so that came off as preachy, sorry. I just hope that we can open our eyes and see that novice Dominants have a place in our hearts too.


Oh I know, this term is usually spit at novice submissives, reviled as a horrible behavior for submissives, but this is exactly what an experienced submissive would do with a novice Dominant. At least for awhile, and still with grace you will be helping direct the Dominant in what pleases you and how to make your skin sing, your heart flutter and your soul bond with them.

Topping from the bottom is not always a bad thing and we need to allow for this fact when we are with a novice Dominant that is looking for our reaction,  or for suggestions from us while we play with them, or provide a service to them. There is such a thing as too much bottom-topping though and an experienced submissive probably learned where the line was relatively early on in their exploration. If not, the Dominant, no matter how novice is likely to let you know when you've pushed too far.

Comfort with sharing what you know

You should be willing to share what you know with your new Dominant. It is not un-submissive-like (whatever that means), it is naturally an opening of your experience and knowledge with the one you have chosen to submit to.  An experienced submissive should be comfortable enough in your own submission to be able to talk about it and the activities you enjoy.

Also, if you know how to hold an implement or areas of the body that it's safe to use a certain toy, then teach them that. Directing them how to accept service from you is also a display of how confident you are in your submission and willingness to teach them.

Be a teacher/mentor/helper/


Be someone that the can talk to, express how they are feeling and ask questions. Even if you don't know the answer, offer to look for the answer for them. You can be a friend to a novice Dominant even if you aren't willing to be a submissive to them. So much is picked up from the opposite role just by watching and listening.

Ultimately, the next generation of Dominants has a lot to learn from submissives if we will accept our role as their teachers as well as friends.

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