One thing I have learned from my experience as a submissive and my encounters with submissives and slaves all over the place has been the importance of taking things slowly. At one time or another, we all tend to rashly jump into a D/s relationship without really knowing the Dominant that we are surrendering to. It's even easier with the internet personals and chat rooms that you can too quickly take into your confidence someone that may not be compatible with you at all.

Recently I've written about Submissive Frenzy and the lesson of that article was completely about taking the time to get to know what you want but also learning what you need in a partner. I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating. You must know what you want and need from a partner and for yourself before you can even start to look for a Dominant. Sure, you are itching to try some of the things you've been dreaming about, but stop listening to your genitals and listen to your head instead.

Rationally, no one should take finding a partner lightly. We are, after all, looking for life partners and long term relationships more often than not, right? So why would we talk to someone online for a couple months and then decide that they are the perfect person without ever seeing them in person, or only once or twice? But you ladies and gents do it all the time and then write me when things go wrong or aren't working out the way your genitals said it would.

Sure we all have to take a chance on love and connection, but doing it without all the information about the person, or without knowledge of compatibility goes beyond emoti0ns and mental connection can just lead to disappointment. Not all relationships can end up in the trash this way, but how much chance do you want to play with your heart? If you use your common sense and listen to your gut you might protect it just a bit more. And that's really all I want to do for you; give you the tools to find out who you are and who you want to be with.

Working through your thoughts and expectations slowly will prepare yourself better for what is to come. And let me tell you when you are ready you will have a fantastic journey. So what are these tools I'm talking about?

The Personal Submission ecourse is written to help you learn what kind of submissive you want to be and also take control over some of your own development and personal growth. I also hope that it can show you that your submission is in your hands. You can mold it just as easily as a Dominant could. You will learn valuable things about yourself that will guide you through your life.

Take your time. Let things sink in. You are changing your life. You will be faced with a lot of decisions; some easy ones and some difficult ones. Approach BDSM and submission rationally.