Because of the content of this post, I feel I must begin with a disclaimer: This is NOT meant to be medical advice or anything even related to it. This is an account of what worked for me and my family and notes from other pregnant slaves I have known. Always talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns!

How Will My Service be Impacted?

When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing that crossed my mind was "oh no! How will my service be affected? How will my ability to be pleasing in bed and in kink be affected?" I was surprised when (at least for the first few months) that the answer was "It was not affected at all."

When it comes to your own body, you must, of course, do what is comfortable for you. There will need to be some considerations while pregnant that are pretty basic and tend to go for just about everyone. They are:

  • As time goes on you will not be as balanced or graceful
  • You will have to pee. A lot. If your Owner/Master Etc has bathroom control, this might be a good time to have a chat about that for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • If you are one of the lucky ones to have "morning sickness" this will need to be taken into account. Whoever named it "morning sickness" had a bad sense of humor, as it can hit at any time of the day/night.
  • Restraints need to be checked closer even if you are used to playing together, as swelling is a big part of pregnancy.
  • I suggest that if you play by RACK standards (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) that for the duration of the pregnancy you return to SSC (Safe, sane consensual) as the body is going through serious changes both physically and hormonally.

The emotional changes during pregnancy might make you more sensitive to things that were not a problem previously. For example, generally being called "My slut" might turn you on like no one's business but because of the party, your hormones are having this same treatment might break you out into (bad) tears. You need to be careful with yourself and grant yourself some lee way to make mistakes and to learn how your body and mind work for the time being. Always remember: It is a temporary situation, in 42 or so weeks (and I suggest counting them down) you will have a beautiful baby to hold and nurture.

Pregnancy Contract

Something that my Owner implemented when I was pregnant was a Pregnancy Contract. Essentially it was an addendum to our contract that stated the following:

"  I, as the Owner of property malak, understand her condition thanks to pregnancy. With this in mind, I take full responsibility for checking in with her frequently and being careful as to not over load her or over use her services in an effort to maintain her health and emotional well-being. Property malak has the responsibility to tell Me should she be experiencing -any- difficulty no matter the cause (physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise) as she is still under the terms of full disclosure. All measures will bet taken to ensure the health and comfort of this property and its unborn child who is of My seed and spirit and whom I will cherish and help raise." 

This greatly helped me through moments of emotional unease as well as making sure that I understood my responsibilities as His property to alert Him of any changing circumstances in my health or mental well-being.

Play Time

The byword here is "caution". Not so cautious as to ruin the scene, but do take things slowly until you know how you react to sensations now that your body is doing so much at once. Your breasts will likely become more sensitive and you might also get really itchy in the midsection as your belly grows. Being stuck in rope restraints or shibari and getting so itchy you want to claw your skin off really dampens the mood, trust me on this one.

As I mentioned before swelling is an issue, so many sure that anything tied on has enough room in it just in case and is checked often. Also, keeping on hand lotion for itchiness as well as more lubricant (in the case of vaginal dryness) is important.

Oh, and a word about intercourse? You can have it! Some seem to think still that you cannot while pregnant, but this is just not true. The only time intercourse should be withheld is if the doctor says so, and generally, that only happens in the last few weeks or in the case of a high-risk pregnancy. Do not take this to mean that you can slave rape your girl every night though, trauma to her insides will cause issues so don't be overwhelmingly rough.

If I were to cover every single thing I could think of on this topic, I would be writing a at this point, I open the floor to questions! Ask away!