When you first start talking to a potential Dominant you go through an initial interview. A lot of times this is just a period where basic questions are asked and your answers help the Dominant gauge just how interested you are in them, how compatible you are with them and what your intelligence level is. This isn't the right time to say that you will do whatever they ask of you or to try to insinuate that you will worship them whenever they wish. Like a job interview, you want to highlight your own talents and history.

A Dominant friend of mine once said that a pet peeve of hers was when she asked a submissive what they enjoy she gets, "Whatever mistress wants," type of answers. Short one word answers are not appropriate either unless they are a yes or no question. She calls the submissives as 'subs without preferences.'  Initial interviews can be frustrating, but not just for the submissive. The Dominant has to wade through canned responses, one-word answers, and submissives who appear to have no preferences, no likes or dislikes of their own and no personality. Dominants don't want a blow-up doll, they want a human being.

Show them who you are. Discuss your likes and dislikes. Tell them honestly what you like and don't like, what your experience level is and even who you voted for in the last election. All of these things exhibit your intelligence and eagerness to get to know a Dominant before becoming their submissive. Discuss your limits, even if they seem commonplace. Be open about your inexperience or your lack of understanding about some things. Dominants are going to want to explain things to you if you become important to them.

Be prepared to answer basic questions. Answer them fully and completely. Tell stories if it will enhance the point. Be yourself. There is no need to try to be the perfect submissive. No Dominant is going to assume you are perfect and none are. Each person has their own preferences. But you may be close to what they are looking for.

Use in-depth questions as a way to figure out what you want from the possible relationship also. Don't give them the answers you think they are looking for. Keep those out of the conversation. I know Dominants will stop talking to submissives if they default to generic responses.

Don't call them Sir or Ma'am or any other title within the first interview. Many of the Dominants I talk to want to get to know you first before assuming any sort of role to you. Keep it civil, respectable and truthful.

Use proper grammar and spell check your writing before sending it to them. (This, of course, isn't the case with spoken or face-to-face interviews.) Show you aren't lazy and are aware of proper writing rules. Leave third person speech and lower casing i/my out of the initial interview. It's annoying to Dominants if they do not know you.

Lastly, dress nicely. Don't let them tell you what to wear. You aren't submitting to them, just interviewing.

This initial interview can be your best resume and perhaps you will earn a second interview. That is the goal after all, right?