This may seem like a really odd topic to be posting in a submissive blog, but there is a reason. I've had a question recently from a submissive woman who has been asked on occasion to be assertive and dominant in bed by her Dominant. She says she can't connect with that because she is submissive and has difficulty being assertive in the bedroom. I can understand where she is coming from with this, and I'm certain that you do as well.

The idea behind this post is to give you ways to be assertive without compromising your submission and making the struggle to reclaim that mindset even harder than it is. Below are five ways you can show control in the bedroom without giving up your submission.

1. Don't Ask, Just Do It

You may be trained to ask to do things to pleasure your Dominant. That's well and good for the submissive, but not what they are looking for when they ask you to take the reigns. Think about what you want to do to pleasure them and then just do it. Don't hesitate, enjoy your freedom to do what you want to them. If you want to kiss and suck their nipples, then do it.

If you can't get past asking for it, try wording it differently. Instead of saying, "May I lick your nipples, Sir," try saying, "I'm going to lick your nipples, Sir." Give your control a play by play. Let them know what you are doing and you could even tell them why.

2. Be Secretive

Pretend that your control of the situation is for you to know and them to find out. If they ask, playfully touch your finger to their lips and tell them to 'shhh'. It can give you time to know what you are going to do next and will bring mystery to the moment for them. It leaves them completely in the dark; thus, not in control.  Keep the tension high, but don't leave them guessing for too long. Take action, be a mystery man/woman.

3. Connect With Your Pleasure

This could be a perfect opportunity for you to try something that you have been fantasizing about but not tried. You could role play something that would turn you on, try a toy that you want to use on them or simply tease them like they do to you. (Don't take this as revenge, make it fun and sexy.)

4. Take the Position of Power

During sex, use a position that leaves them helpless to get what they want. If your Dominant is a man, use the female superior and pin them down. For women, you can hold them face down into the bed. Be creative. If they are normally standing up when you give them oral sex, make them lay down. Change things up from the way they are when they are in control.

5. Enjoy It!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you are told to take control and 'not be submissive' then sometimes you can be too serious. It's supposed to be fun. The roles aren't necessarily reversed; use it as a way to express what you love about sex and their pleasure.

Free your mind to think that what you are doing to and for them is a celebration of your submission. You are serving them by being assertive.

Do you have ideas on how to be more assertive in bed? Let me know!