It's time for another round of quick answers for questions you have sent in!

Dear SG, I'm wondering if a dog prong collar would be safe to use for a collar? I'm intrigued by the sharpness of it but don't want to use one if it'd be too dangerous.

You gave me a vision of Silas in "The Da Vinci Code" with his leg cilice. My question back to you is if you'd use it on your dog if you thought it was sharp? They aren't meant to puncture skin on a dog, I wouldn't think. Collars that we wear in the scene are also not meant to have weight on them, such as being pulled on by a leash or using it as part of bondage, so go for it. It could be an interesting experience but I doubt you'll have a need to choke on it.


I am in a long distance relationship with my submissive and I've started making lists of tasks for her to complete could you give me ideas on tasks I could give her and punishments for when she fails to complete them?

No, I really can't. I don't know how your dynamic is set up, I don't know your desires, limits, and preferences. I do believe that punishment should fit the crime and only if your relationship is established to be a punishment dynamic. Not all relationships are set up that way. With that said, you might find the post,  Tasks and Projects - How to Keep Them In Line on Dominant Guide useful.


Do you have any posts about how to survive online "conDoms"?  I've fallen victim now three times and my heart can't take anymore.  Thank you <3

Yes, there are a couple of posts and Ask Anything questions about con artists and scams. I suggest you check out the posts about starting relationships and the online submission category to get some better idea of how those sorts of relationships work. My best advice is to take it slower and get off the internet and meet them as soon as possible. That will prove to you they are in it for more than online playtime. Anyone else have some quick tips for this submissive?

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