Hi Luna! Do you feel that another submissive would be a better Mentor to a novice submissive rather than another Dominant?

I personally feel that a person of similar role to you can advise and mentor you better than someone who could be your Dominant. So if you are a slave, you should have a slave mentor, a little needs a little mentor and so forth. I do not object to the occasional  Dominant trying to mentor a submissive, but often times they are actually training them to be THEIR submissive. Sex and play are not part of the mentor relationship. It's considered a professional friendship more than anything else. That's my opinion.

How can I know whether I am truly into submission?

That's a question that only you can really answer. Do you feel the desire to serve and please another in some way? Do you enjoy having someone in control of your choices, the relationship and your behavior?

I suggest you take a look at the getting started ecourse I offer here on the site and then progress to the others I have available. I am certain that they can help you get things figured out.

Recently, my Mistress asked me to consider switching. And I'm really nervous about doing something wrong and hurting her, or not being confident about it and her not having fun in the process. Do you have any advice about switching?

Is it actual switching or have you been asked to perform kink activities with her still in control of what's going to happen? Switching is the surrender of control. There' s nothing saying you can just be kinky with your Dominant. If they are still guiding what you do, then all you must do is submit. As for worrying about doing something wrong there are always books, websites and ways to learn about the activities she has requested.

My article about being your Dom's service top should help you more.

I am an experienced sub/slave who is now with a very dominant male but he doesn't know about d/s or M/s...I have been telling him and he is interested...which book should I give him to learn how to take on the role of my Dom and eventually Master without freaking him out?

The Loving Dominant

by John Warren comes highly recommended in D/s circles for it's easy approach to D/s. If he is more analytical in nature he may like Leading and Supportive Love by Chris M. Lyon.

I am in a D/s relationship and I am collared, my Domme uses the term slave for me and I find that it makes me uncomfortable. Is there anything that could help me come to terms with this inner conflict?

I too had a conflict with the term slave not long ago. It took me years to work out why I had an aversion to the term and to come to a sense of peace about it. I suggest you read about my journey accepting the label "slave".

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