October  is going to be a frenzy of domestic and home management tips here at SubmissiveGuide.com.

Starting Thursday I’m going to turn up the ‘Domestic Tips’ volume to 11 and am going to attempt to vomit onto you everything I know about how to make your home management and domestic service better. Each post will be in a new 31 Days to Better Domestic Service category.

In a sense it’s nothing different to normal but I’ve noticed recently quite a few submissives looking for information and asking questions about their domestic service and how they can fulfill their Dominant's needs at home from couponing, home management binders, cleaning (green and otherwise) and budgeting.

Whilst it's every submissive's prerogative to make their own decisions for how they will take care of the home and manage a budget - I'd like to be a part of giving submissives a boost (or a kick in the butt) and hopefully in the process give them motivation (and practical know how) to get their home and life more in order and reaching their service potential.

So we’ll be revisiting some old homecare tips, coming up with some new ones and hopefully will all improve in our domestic service as a result.

Interested? If so let me know in comments below.

All I ask of you as readers is that you join in the frenzy of Homecare Tips. I do not and will not know everything there is to know about domestic service – but I have a suspicion that the wider Submissive Guide community does. The only way to get at this communal knowledge is to make a commitment to share what we each know.You can do this in two ways:

1. Leave comments on the tips that I post here. Submissive Guide is increasingly becoming a place of conversation and group learning. I learn so much from you and hope that you continue to teach us via your comments.

2. Post your domestic tips on your own blog and let me know about them. If you’ve learnt something about domestic slavery recently the rest of us want to hear about it. Post it on your blog and then  email me with the title and URL. I will attempt to post something every day or two with a summary of the blog tips that have been shared with me.

3. Suggest a Topic for me or someone else to write a  Homecare or Domestic Service Tip on. To do this simply leave a comment below. I won’t guarantee it’ll be answered by me – but if you see a question and would like to tackle it on your own blog (see #2 above) feel free to do so.

I’m looking forward to the learning that we do as a community in October!