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5 Steps to Writing a Useful BDSM Scene Report - If you're like me, you enjoy reliving past playtime in the form of memories. I often write them down so that I can get every juicy tidbit recorded before I forget. But what else can you learn from scene reports? What about new responses, experiences, triggers and feelings? What about documenting how play went with new partners or tools?

BDSM Relationship Negotiation Worksheet - It will help you figure out what you want and need and what's expected of you in the relationship and if you want to make a contract this would be a great place to start!

Building a First Aid Kit for Your Dungeon or Toy Bag - a list of important items to have in your First Aid Kit specifically for your play space.

Exploring a New Kink - Worksheet - A worksheet for you to use as you begin to explore a new kink - no matter what that is. Check it out and use it, reuse it and apply it to your personal submissive resources library!

Hidden Treasures: Common Pervertables Around Your Home - Want something quick to hand that you can use for fun playtimes? Maybe your budget just isn't ready for the expense of a leather flogger. I've put together a list of common pervertables that even seasoned practitioners use in their toybag for fun and BDSM play of all sorts.

How to Write a BDSM Dating Profile that Gets Results - Using a dating site to find a partner that is interested in power exchange and BDSM is a difficult prospect. Many people abandon mainstream sites in hopes that kink social networks and other forums will provide them with a partner that is compatible and looking for the same kind of relationship. I feel that the key to narrowing your search is perfecting your dating profile.

How to Write a Submissive Mission Statement - Finding a focus for your life is a great way to help you succeed, stay connected to why you are submissive and a reaffirming phrase to keep you headed in the right direction.

Munch Discussion Pack - SSC and RACK - This freebie is of a different sort. One of the many resources I want to provide the community are discussion packs for leaders of groups and interested others who want to conduct discussions on topics. To that end, I had kallista pull together a discussion pack with an optional power point presentation!

This discussion pack is about the mantras Safe, sane and consensual (SSC) and Risk aware consensual kink (RACK).

Reactive & Proactive Service: An Activity - Discover whether your submissive drive is reactive or proactive and get some tips on how to apply that information to your submission.

Safety Mantra Comparison Chart - Learn a bit more of the variety of safety mantras often used in BDSM communities to identify safety measures and responsibility of participants.

Set and Achieve Your Goals - a compilation of posts about resolutions and setting goals you can reach in the coming year. This is a perfect compliment for anyone that's looking to improve a part of themselves or their submission.

The Clean Toy Guide - a guide on how to keep your BDSM and sex toys clean. I don't think I was able to cover every single material but I did tackle the more common ones like leather, rope and common sex toy materials.

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