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66 Romantic Ideas for Your D/s Relationship - This one is for all the romantics out there! I've put together a list of ideas and suggestions to shower your partner with love and show them how much you appreciate them. Check out the article about romance in D/s before the list, because yes, you can have a romantic D/s relationship!

A Sexy Submissive's Countdown to Christmas - A kinky, sexier Advent Calendar!

Exploring The Ageplay Dynamic: A Compilation - I gathered some of the best articles from the site, written by tequilarose, all about littles! I hope you enjoy.

How to Start a Simple Protocol - how to get started with protocol in your D/s relationship! It has a few ideas for how to initiate the discussion as well as what sorts of things are considered protocol.

Initiating Play and Sex as a Submissive - Here are all the answers I could come up with on how you can initiate play and sex as a submissive without feeling like you are in charge and getting over your sense of inappropriateness in your role.

Note Taking Pack - I made 2 note taking templates for you as well as how to use them in this .zip file. I cover the Cornell Notetaking Method as well as Sketchnotes!

Polyamory Starter Info Pack - I've compiled a brief summary of Polyamory (it's a huge topic!) and a bunch of resources for you to explore.

Processing Pain in Play Audiobook - One of the best ebooks on the site now in an audio format! This is a .mp3 so any media player should be able to hear it.

Selecting the Perfect Collar: Infographic - I cover how to select a collar that suits your lifestyle and relationship.

Subspace Dos and Don'ts: Infographic - A quick reference for what you should and shouldn’t do entering subspace.

Yearly Goals - Brainstorming Questions - The New Year always brings about plans for change and improvement in our lives. Even if you don't create Resolutions, the questions on this free worksheet can help you pinpoint what you'd like to work on. I'm always an advocate for self-improvement!

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