In this 50 page eBook, slave blyss guides you through understanding single submission and creating a powerful, fulfilling experience in your submissive journey.

Explore Submission and Prepare for a Relationship

Single in the Scene helps you embrace submission and it’s perfect for you if you are:

      newly submissive: you don’t know what you are looking for yet but you know you need confidence to learn and grow in submission.

      fresh out of a relationship: you are healing and moving forward and not ready to partner up again.

      committed to explore while single: you love being single and want to embrace submission as an adventure to understanding yourself.

      feeling lost: you see a wide world ahead of you and need help organizing your thoughts and desires.

Address the Issues Unowned Slaves Face as You Navigate Lifestyle Waters

      Establish boundaries for self-preservation.

      Work through the deep yearning period of singlehood to reap the benefits.

      Learn what services you can potentially offer that you never realized.

      Understand how a slave resume can give you an edge in finding a potential partner.

      Transform your submission and make positive change!

      Write formal and informal petitions for potential partners.

      Open your heart and be vulnerable again.

      Attending events while single.

      Seek contentment.

What’s in this eBook?

Over the course of 10 essays, slave blyss shares her experience and understanding about being a single submissive and how to find joy in the moments as you prepare for a potential relationship.

      Boundaries: Self-Preservation is your Responsibility


      The Slave Resume


      The Truth about Singlehood

      Transformation Happens


      The Unaccompanied Slave

      Being Content Where You Are

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