Carrie's Story: An Erotic S/M Novel

by Molly Weatherfield is my second review of a fiction book here on Submissive Guide. Sometimes the seriousness on this site needs to be broken with some hot stories right? Well do I have one for you.

Carrie's Story

is described as a neo-Victorian SM erotic story.  I've even read it compared to a Story of O, although I personally wouldn't say it's that much like it. I'd say it's a mix of Story of O with the idea of the slave auctions of The Marketplace series. I found it quite easy to place myself in the story with Carrie. Her entrance into the BDSM world is through a wealthy middle age man named Jonathan willing and ready to train her to be his slave. You get to watch her learn and grow as a slave in a relatively modern world. She wears the costumes in his presence from corsets to tights, heels, and boots.

If you like pony play or are interested in the whole tack and bridle aspects you will love Carrie's week long visit to a human pony farm. I loved reading about her trials with trotting and carts and all the horse-like traits that human ponies pick up. So very fascinating!

The book has a lot of sex in it, but it's not really described in detail like a romance novel would, and I kinda like that. It leads you to pretend you know exactly what's going on. There is the familiar bits of leather and caning and other physical tasks that Jonathan puts her though. The SM that happens is more of objectification, humiliation, and punishment - something I tend to like. Some of the scenes were very much fantasy and not realistic but that doesn't detract overall from the book. It is a fiction novel after all.

While it is a good story, I know it wasn't for me personally. I doubt I'll be taking it off the shelf again. Perhaps it was the lack of romance or love because I love a bit of love when I read erotica. Overall, it's not that memorable and I prefer fiction to be ones you want to go back to again and again. You might have a different opinion and I encourage you to give Carrie's Story a chance.

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